Quickclaim Affiliates Terms & Conditions

We have set out the Quickclaim Affiliates Terms & Conditions in ordinary language though, for those of you who prefer it that way, we may supplement them by also writing them in more legalistic terms.


Quickclaim Affiliates Terms & Conditions in normal language

By signing up to the Quickclaim Affiliates programme you agree to the following terms and sue us, complain, or have any right to compensation in such circumstances.

1.     The Quickclaim Affiliates and Quickclaim products and services is operated under licence by A Star Accounting Services Ltd. Let’s refer to A Star Accounting Services Ltd as “ASTAR” from now on.

2.     ASTAR may include any organization that we delegate tasks to

3.     You know who we are and we expect you to act only on your own behalf

4.     ASTAR will do its best to maintain the accuracy and effectiveness of the Quickclaim Affiliates and Quickclaim products and services but, we will screw up from time to time.

5.     Whilst when we screw up we will do our very best to get things right, after all it our reputation that is on the line, we may not meet your expectations every time.

6.     Sometimes, the law, or HMRC practices may change more quickly than we are able to respond to so, as we are in a fast moving environment, you agree to check these Terms and Conditions and website notes regularly.

7.     We want 100% of the UK’s employees to claim the tax allowances that the UK’s laws entitles them to so, we will vary the price of the product to try and achieve this “tax justice” objective.

8.     We want to continually improve our service and product offering so, if you have a problem, please email us first. We will address the issue but, subject to workload, we may adjust our process without writing to you personally. Just be aware that, if there was a problem which you told us about and we corrected that, we and may other customers are grateful for your comments

9.     As Will Rogers is reputed to have said, “It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute.” So, in order to maintain that reputation, if we have any suspicions that you are abusing our process or causing our name to fall into disrepute we will terminate your account.

10.  We want you to be a success so, we will provide you with material and tools to help you but, you must not pretend to be us, or invent stories or fabricate claims of success or failure, or use techniques or tools that irritate other people

11.  To help maintain our collective good name, please make sure that you check that any and all links you use are working

12.  We want to share our success with you but, sadly, we also have to share our loss with you so commission will be paid after deducting any administration charges and Quickclaim customer refunds

13.  They say garbage in, garbage out in the IT industry so, please make sure your details on our system are correct as we wouldn’t want to send payments or communications to the wrong person

14.  Remember, we will do our best to resolve issues but, as they say, time is money so, if you correspond with us in a frequent, and unnecessary way, we will charge you for our time at £50 per hour.

15.  You should consider any material on this site, or that relates to it, as ASTAR’s intellectual property, whether copyright, trademark, patent, or other so, act according to the law on intellectual property.

16.  There are no guarantees in life, not even for accountants, so, please be aware that we may be forced due to commercial pressures, or legal obligations, to change these Terms & Conditions, including payment terms and commission rates, or even, in an extreme case, to withdraw the programme completely. Clearly that is not what we want as that would be bad news for you but worse news for us and our owners

17.  To keep you informed of changes, issues, and opportunities, we will email you from time to time.

18.  We are a law-abiding company and expect you to also act in accordance with the law of both the UK, and the country in which you located from time to time.

19.  As we are based in the UK, all our dealings will be governed by UK law, whether or not we are in the EU at that time

20.  If for whatever reason you do sue us, you agree that ASTAR, or any other person or company related to ASTAR or its shareholders, you agree that our liability will be limited to three times what you paid us.